LOEWE Forschungscluster Nukleare Photonik


Nuclear Photonics combines the research fields of laser and plasma physics, nuclear physics, and accelerator science. Undergraduate and graduate students are strongly involved in the research activities.

The research activities of the LOEWE research cluster Nuclear Photonics are organized in twelve projects that have been grouped into three project areas that complement and support each other. Most principal investigators of the Nuclear Photonics research cluster contribute to more than one project in more than one project area. In addition to contributing to the forefront of research both for basic science and future applications in technology and industry, the LOEWE research cluster Nuclear Photonics is aimed at fostering an environment for young researchers from doctoral students to junior group leaders.

The three project areas are described on the following web pages. Their research focus originates from the two main pillars in Nuclear Photonics research, namely particle production and acceleration using the interaction of high-intensity lasers with matter (project area A), investigation of photonuclear reactions using the interaction of lasers with relativistic electron beams (project area B), and instrumentation for nuclear photonics applications (project area C).