Welcome to the Quantum Chaos Group Darmstadt!

The field of Quantum Chaos comprises the study of the manifestations of classical chaos in the properties of the corresponding quantum or more generally, wave-dynamical system. Such systems include nuclei, atoms, quantum dots, and electromagnetic or acoustic resonators. Paradigms are billiards. A classical billiard is a bounded domain of arbitrary shape. In its interior a point-like particle moves freely and is reflected specularly at the boundaries. Its properties only depend on the shape and can exhibit chaotic, regular or mixed dynamics. The quantum billiard is an infinitely high potential of corresponding shape in which a particle moves freely. We investigate quantum billiards in analog experiments with flat microwave resonators of corresponding shapes. Our investigations include the study of the statistical fluctuation properties of the eigenvalues, of the manifestation of periodic orbits in quantum spectra and of quantum chaotic scattering.


Current projects