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Laser spectroscopic nuclear chart

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An up-to-date nuclear chart with all isotopes that have been investigated by on-line laser spectroscopy, tables and references is provided here …>

Current News

  • 2019/03/25

    Manuel Simon has completed his Bachelor Thesis

    Manuel Simon has completed his Bachelor Thesis with the presentation “Ion transmission through nanometer thick carbon foils”. Congratulations!

  • 2019/02/12

    First charge radii measurements of three very light calcium isotopes

    Figure by Andrew Miller (NSCL/MSU).

    Isotope shift measurements on three light calcium isotopes (Ca-36 to Ca-39) have been published in Nature Physics. The measurements were performed at NSCL/MSU and LaserSpHERe has contributed by the development of the fluorescence detection region. The publication is announced in a Press Release by TU Darmstadt (idw, in German) entitled „Rätselhafte Größe extrem leichter Calciumisotope".

  • 2019/01/18

    First spectroscopic Results from COALA are published

    Our measurements of transition frequencies and isotope shifts of all stable barium isotopes in the D1 and D2 transitions have been published in Physical Review A. To our knowledge, these are the most precise collinear measurements performed so far. Our result for the transition frequency of Ba-138 is even slightly more accurate than a recent measurement on laser-cooled ions in a Paul trap.

  • 2018/12/13

    Aineah Barasa has completed his Master Thesis

    Aineah Barasa has successfully completed his Master Thesis with the presentation “Preparation for Laser Spectroscopy with Magnesium Ions at CRYRING”. Congratulations!