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Group photo January 2022. f.l.t.r.: Rodolfo Sanchez, Wilfried Nörtershäuser, Daniel Kabuß, Emily Burbach, Max Horst, Laura Renth, Patrick Müller, Tim Ratajczyk, Simon Rausch, Kristian König, Jonas Ködel, Felix Sommer, Thierry Kaldenbach, Phillip Imgram

Laser spectroscopic nuclear chart

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Current News

  • 2022/01/17

    Charge Radii of Nickel as a Touchstone for Nuclear Models

    Graphics: Felix Sommer

    Nuclear charge radii of neutron-rich nickel isotopes have been used to benchmark state-of-the-art ab initio and density functional nuclear models. The results are now published in Physical Review Letters.

  • 2021/11/11

    Award for the best Dissertation of the Faculty of Physics in 2020

    Bernhard Maaß was awarded the price for the best Dissertation of the Faculty of Physics in the year 2020 for his thesis „Laser Spectroscopy of the Boron Isotopic Chain“. The award is endowed by the ”Vereinigung von Freunden der Technischen Universität zu Darmstadt e.V." (Association of Friends of the TU Darmstadt).

  • 2021/11/07

    René Kalla has completed his Bachelor Thesis

    René Kalla has completed his Bachelor Thesis with the presentation „Characterization of Detection Systems for collinear Laser Spectroscopy“. Congratulations!

  • 2021/10/29

    Ni-54 Charge Radius Measured – Neutron Skin and Neutron Stars

    Properties of neutron stars can be studied from the gravitational-wave detection of the binary neutron star merger as well as from the terrestrial experiment using charge radii of a pair of mirror nuclei. Graphics by Erin O'Donnell (FRIB/MSU).

    The charge radius of radioactive 54Ni (28 neutrons and 26 protons) was measured for the first time. This size can be considered as the radius of the neutron distribution of the mirror partner 54Fe (26 neutrons and 28 protons), and the difference between their charge radi provides the thickness of its neutron skin.

  • 2021/10/20

    Tim Ratajczyk successfully defended his Dissertation

    Tim Ratajczyk successfully defended his Dissertation entitled “Isotope shift measurements in Ti+ transitions using thermalized laser-ablated ions”. Congratulations from the whole LaserSphere team Tim!

  • 2021/09/29

    EBIS @ COALA: An EBIS Application in fundamental Research

    Model of the EBIS at the COALA apparatus (Fig.: DREEBIT)

    Our new EBIS has been chosen as an example for an application of these devices in fundamental research in the August issue of the Journal “Vakuum in Wissenschaft und Praxis”.

  • 2021/09/28

    EBIS installed at COALA

    The COALA Beamline has been equipped with an Electron Beam Ion Source (EBIS), which opens up a new degree of freedom in collinear laser spectroscopy, namely the investigation of multiply charged ions. In our focus are especially light He-like systems.