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Laser spectroscopic nuclear chart

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Current News

  • 2019/09/20

    New Technique for Laser Spectroscopy on Highly Charged Ions Demonstrated

    Our paper „Application of the Continuous Stern-Gerlach Effect for Laser Spectroscopy of the 40Ar13+ Fine Structure in a Penning Trap“ by A. Egl et al. has been published in Physical Review Letters. This work has been carried out in collaboration with the group of Sven Sturm from the Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg and reports on a new laser spectroscopy technique to measure M1 transitions on single highly charged ion in a Penning trap by detecting the laser-induced spin flip using the continuous Stern-Gerlach effect.

  • 2019/08/19

    First results from the optical detection system at CRYRING published

    First results from CRYRING obtained with the new optical detection region from Münster University and our data acquisition system have been published in the article “Towards laser spectroscopy of 24Mg+ ions at CRYRING@ESR” which appeared in X-Ray Spectroscopy as a proceeding to the HCI conference 2018.

  • 2019/07/31

    Charge radii of zinc isotopes published

    Our paper “Nuclear charge radii of 62−80Zn and their dependence on cross-shell proton excitations” by Xie et al. has been published in Physics Letters B. It contains information on the charge radii of 19 nuclear ground states and 6 isomers.

  • 2019/07/08

    Tim Lellinger has completed his Master Thesis

    Tim Lellinger has completed his Master Thesis with the presentation “Ion production by pulsed laser ablation in a helium atmosphere". Congratulations!

  • 2019/06/17

    Tobias Gesser has completed his Bachelor Thesis

    Tobias Gesser has completed his Bachelor Thesis with the presentation “Stabilizing a diode laser to Rb transitions using doppler-free frequency modulated saturation spectroscopy". Congratulations!

  • 2019/06/12

    Measurements on neutron-deficient Pr isotopes published

    Our article “Hyperfine structure and nuclear magnetic moments of the praseodymium isotopes Pr-135,136,137” has been published in Hyperfine Interactions.

  • 2019/06/07

    Nuclear Moments of Ca-37 published

    Our paper on the nuclear moments of the neutron-deficient isotope Ca-37 has been published in Physical Review C as a Rapid Communication. Measurements have been performed at NSCL/MSU and the results indicate a sub-shell closure in the calcium isotopes at N=36.

  • 2019/05/24

    Young Scientist Award for Kristian König

    Kristian König received the Young Scientist Award for the best Talk given at the PLATAN 2019 conference in Mainz. Congratulations from the whole team!