• 2020/05/11

    New Article on Properties of Neutron Matter

    The differences of charge radii of mirror nuclei – nuclei with exchanged numbers of protons and neutrons – provide information on the equation of state (EOS) of neutron matter. The differences of the recently measured charge radii of 36,38Ca and those of their stable mirror partner 36S and 38Ar allowed us to restrict a parameter of the EOS.

  • 2020/04/21

    New Measurements on the Accuracy of Wavemeters

    A series of two articles on the accuracy of commercial wavemeters has appeared in Applied Physics B.
    The first part by Verlinde et al. is the product of a collaboration of several groups using wavemeters for nuclear-structure related research at on-line facilities. All participating groups are members of the LASPEC collaboration to perform laser spectroscopy at FAIR.

  • 2020/04/01

    Measurement of the charge radius of Ni-68 published in PRL

    For the first time, a short-lived Ni isotope was studied by laser spectroscopy at ISOLDE. We have determined the charge radius of Ni-68 and the result is compared to calculations using chiral effective field theory.
    Ni-68 is now the only short-lived nucleus for which the charge radius and the nuclear dipole polarizability are determined, which allows to benchmark the correlations between these observables that are obtained in nuclear theory.

  • 2020/03/26

    Our new measurement of the magnetic moment of Pb-207 has been published

    Our new measurement of the magnetic moment of Pb-207 by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) has been published in Physical Review Research.
    By combining complex chemistry in the preparation of the hexa-fluorido-plumbate [PbF6]2− ion, sensitive NMR measurements, and highly accurate relativistic calculations of the shielding corrections, we report an improved value that is considerably different to the tabulated one.

  • 2020/01/20

    Bernhard Maaß defends his PhD thesis successfully

    Bernhard Maaß defended his Dissertation entitled “Laser Spectroscopy of the Boron Isotopic Chain” and passed the oral exam with distinction. Congratulations from the whole team Bernhard!

  • 2019/12/16

    Laura Renth has completed her Master Thesis

    Laura Renth has completed her Master Thesis with the presentation “Collinear Laser Spectroscopy on Laser-Ablated Calcium Ions and Deployment of a Negative Ion Source for a Boron Atom Beam Produced by Photodetachment". Congratulations!

  • 2019/12/02

    Patrick Müller has completed his Master Thesis

    Patrick Müller has completed his Master Thesis with the presentation “Collinear laser spectroscopy of Ca+ isotopes and design of a lens-based optical detection region". Congratulations!

  • 2019/11/26

    Funding of Collaborative Research Center (SFB 1245) will be continued

    The Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 1245 performs research in the field “Nuclei: From Fundamental Interactions to Structure and Stars” and will be funded from DFG for another 4 years. Our activities on laser spectroscopy at Argonne National Laboratory and the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) at Michigan State University (MSU) are supported by this SFB. Moreover, we will get the opportunity to produce and investigate highly charged ions of light elements at our KOALA beamline.

  • 2019/11/04

    Simon Kaufmann defends his PhD thesis successfully

    Simon Kaufmann defended his Dissertation entitled „Laser Spectroscopy of Nickel Isotopes with a new Data Acquisition System at ISOLDE“ and passed the oral exam. Congratulations from the whole team!

  • 2019/10/28

    Phillip Imgram and Kristian König received Giersch Awards

    Dr. Kristian König (on the left photo) receives the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award and Phillip Imgram (right) the Giersch Excellence Grant from Mrs. Karin Giersch. Photo: W. Nörtershäuser

    Phillip Imgram received a Giersch Excellence Grant for his outstanding work performed during the last academic year. He has carried out high-precision measurements of isotope shifts in stable barium isotopes with accuracy as high as in ion trap measurements. Dr. Kristian König was granted a “Giersch-Award for an Outstanding Doctoral Thesis”. The price ceremony took place at the FIAS in Frankfurt.