• 2019/01/18

    First spectroscopic Results from COALA are published

    Our measurements of transition frequencies and isotope shifts of all stable barium isotopes in the D1 and D2 transitions have been published in Physical Review A. To our knowledge, these are the most precise collinear measurements performed so far. Our result for the transition frequency of Ba-138 is even slightly more accurate than a recent measurement on laser-cooled ions in a Paul trap.

  • 2018/12/13

    Aineah Barasa has completed his Master Thesis

    Aineah Barasa has successfully completed his Master Thesis with the presentation “Preparation for Laser Spectroscopy with Magnesium Ions at CRYRING”. Congratulations!

  • 2018/12/10

    Kristian König defends his PhD thesis successfully

    Kristian König defended his Dissertation entitled “Laser-Based High-Voltage Metrology with ppm Accuracy” and passed the oral exam with distinction. Congratulations from the whole team Kristian!

  • 2018/12/06

    Universal Zig-Zag

    Our recent papers on charge radii of calcium, cadmium and iron isotopes are highlighted in the December issue of the Physik Journal. The Physik Journal is the member's magazine of the German Physical Society (DPG).
    Members of DPG can access the article directly here (in German).

  • 2018/12/03

    Johannes Viering has completed his Master Thesis

    Johannes Viering has successfully completed his Master Thesis with the presentation “Design and Commissioning of the new HITRAP Cooler Trap”. Congratulations!

  • 2018/10/29

    Bernhard Maas receives Giersch Excellence Grant

    Bernhard Maas received a Giersch Excellence Grant for his outstanding work performed during the last academic year. He has performed high-precision measurements of isotope shifts in stable boron isotopes using resonance ionization mass spectrometry and increased sensitivity in collinear laser spectroscopy. The price ceremony took place at the FIAS in Frankfurt

  • 2018/09/04

    Our isotope shift measurements on Cd isotopes have been published

    Frequency quadrupling for the generation of 215 nm light for spectroscopy of the Cd isotopes. Photo: Michael Hammen

    Our isotope shift measurements on a long chain of Cd isotopes at COLLAPS have been published in Physical Review Letters. The publication is announced in a Press Release by TU Darmstadt (idw)

  • 2018/08/17

    LaserSpHERe Group Retreat

    This year's group retreat took place from 15.-17.08. at the Ebernburg at Bad Münster am Stein. During the three-day retreat all LaserSpHERe projects were discussed in detail and the next steps were planned.

  • 2018/08/10

    Fabian Lenz has completed his Bachelor Thesis

    Fabian Lenz has completed his Bachelor Thesis with the presentation “Investigation of ultrathin carbon foils with α-radiation and slow boron ions”. Congratulations!

  • 2018/08/09

    COALA Beamline in Nuclear Physics News

    The April-June Issue of the Nuclear Physics News contains a Laboratory Portrait of the Nuclear Physics Institute at TU Darmstadt written by Prof. Pietralla. The COALA beamline is also featured in this article, which is now freely accessible.