• 2018/06/21

    First fluorescence signal from collinear beamline at Argonne

    Almost exactly one year after the collinear beamline from the TRIGA-reactor in Mainz arrived at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, the first fluorescence signal was observed. For these measurements, a calcium ion beam was produced and overlapped collinearly with a laser.

  • 2018/06/15

    The fluorescence detectors for laser spectroscopy at the ESR were implemented

    Photo: Alex Buß, University of Münster

    The fluorescence detectors for laser spectroscopy at the ESR, developed in the group of Prof. Weinheimer and Dr. Hannen from the University of Münster, were implemented at the new detection chamber of the ESR. Thanks to our colleagues from Münster.

  • 2018/05/28

    Two new IREP students at LaserSpHERe

    We welcome two new IREP students. Lewis Chan and Daniel Leal will work at HITRAP and the KOALA beamline, respectively. Have a lot of fun and success.

  • 2018/05/15

    Poster Award for Konstantin Mohr

    On 24. of April the Young Scientists' GSI-FAIR Poster Colloquium took place. Various activities in association with FAIR and GSI were presented. As one of five posters, the poster by Konstantin Mohr presenting the status of laser spectroscopy at CRYRING was awarded a poster prize. Congratulations!

  • 2018/05/14

    Timo Bauer has completed his Bachelor Thesis

    Timo Bauer has completed his Bachelor Thesis with the presentation “Design and Implementation of a Faraday Cup with spatial Resolution”. Congratulations!

  • 2018/05/07

    “Schnelle Ionen im Laserlicht” appeared in “Physik Journal”

    The May issue of the “Physik Journal” contains an article about recent progress in collinear laser spectroscopy on short-lived isotopes. Our optical detection region that has been designed for the boron-8 project and the high-voltage measurements made it on the cover page.

  • 2018/04/16

    CRYRING News

    Time-resolved Fourier spectrum of the revolution frequencies

    During the last beam time at CRYRING from 12.03.-23.03 the ring was operated with 24Mg+ lowly charged ions.. The ions were injected into the ring and subsequently accelerated for the first time. The acceleration is seen by the time structure of the higher harmonics of 24Mg+ in the Schottky diagram (Figure).

  • 2018/03/22

    Phillip Imgram has completed his Master Thesis

    Phillip Imgram has completed his Master Thesis with the presentation “Accurate Isotope Shift Measurement in the D1 and D2 line of Barium Ions”. Congratulations!

  • 2018/03/05

    Most precise laser spectroscopic high-voltage measurements published

    We have published the result of high-precision measurements of high-voltages up to 20000 V in the current issue of the Journal Metrologia. An accuracy of 5 ppm was realized at the ALIVE experiment using Ca+ ions. This is an improvement of a factor 20 compared to previous trials of laser-based high-voltage measurements.

  • 2018/03/01

    Solution of the Hyperfine Puzzle ?

    In our latest publication we report on NMR measurements of bismuth ions in different chemical environments in Physical Review Letters. The extracted new value for the magnetic moment of the isotope bismuth-209 drastically reduces the large discrepancy between theory and experiment in the hyperfine splitting measurements of hydrogen-like and lithium-like ions.