LaserSpHERe article distinguished as an EPJD Highlight

Our new article about the extraction of magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments of odd cadmium isotopes with masses 107-123 amu appeared in the European Physical Journal D and was distinguished as an EPJD Highlight. Based on the high-resolution measurements at the collinear laser spectroscopy setup COLLAPS at ISOLDE/CERN we could among other things confirm the Moskowitz-Lombardi rule – so far observed only for mercury isotopes – also for Cadmium isotopes. This rule connects the hyperfine structure anomaly, caused by the magnetization distribution inside the nucleus, with the inverse of the magnetic moment of the nucleus as shown in the figure. Moreover, the combination with precise calculations of the electric field gradient at the nuclear site allowed us to extract the nuclear quadrupole moments of these nuclei.

Please read more in the article (arXiv:1507.03846) and the highlight article.

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