Lintott spectrometer

Electron scattering is an essential tool for nuclear structure studies. The height energy resolution is very important in order to resolve nuclear transitions specific interest.

The 169° spectrometer with its beam transport system is used for high-resolution electron scattering experiments and can be can be operate in a conventional and “energy-loss” mode which allows to perform (e,e´) experiments independent on the energy of the electron beam.

The electron scattering experiments at S-DALINAC have been successfully realized for many years. A new focal plane detector system based on modern silicon microstrip detectors together with fast readout electronics and a new radiation shielding have been developed. The main advantages of the new detector system are the ability to process very high count rates, a high spatial resolution and an easy mechanical setup.

The following 94Mo spectrum is an example for the measured spectra using the Lintott spectrometer in dispersion-matching mode. It was measured at an incident electron beam energy and beam currents of. The energy resolution in this spectrum was about.