Physics of rel. HIC 2016

Physics of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions (SS 2016)

Course Information:

Offered as block course from 17th to 23rd of August

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Aim of the Course:

Overview of the physics of (ultra-)relativistic heavy-ion collisions with emphasis on experimental results

The field is exiting as never before!

Perfect moment for students to join!


  • Introduction
  • Kinematics
  • Accelerators and the design of experiments
  • Measurement of global observables and the Glauber Model
  • Nucleon-Nucleon and Nucleus-Nucleus collisions
  • Collective effects
  • Measurement of hadron yields and the statistical model of particle production at chemical freeze-out
  • Thermodynamics
  • Chiral symmetry and the generation of mass
  • Dilepton spectra at low mass and thermal photons
  • The physics of charm
  • Jets and high-momentum particles
  • Wrap-up: questions, discussion of key points


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