Argonne National Laboratory

The Gammasphere spectrometer is an array of up to 110 High Purity Germanium Detectors. We use it for our projectile Coulomb excitation experiments at the Argonne National Laboratory.

Our group performs experiments at the Argonne National Laboratory near Chigago.

It is the location of the Gammasphere spectrometer, an array of up to 110 high purity Germanium detectors arranged in a 4pi geometry.

We use Gammasphere's angular resolution and high gamma ray detection efficiency for the study of collective excitations of atomic nuclei by the means of experiments with the projectile Coulomb excitation technique.

Our experiments yield complete sets of reduced transition probabilities between the low lying states of atomic nuclei.

Our main topic of interest is the study of the quadrupole excitation of mixed proton-neutron symmetry and its properties.