Laboratori Nazionale di Legnaro

At the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Legnaro, Italy, four different accelerators can be used to produce energetic stable ion beams up to 197Au. The laboratory is equiped with different types of spectrometers to detect gamma radiation (e.g. GASP, AGATA-Demonstrator til 2011) or charged particles (PRISMA). The main focus of our research activities at Legnaro are precise lifetime measurements based on the Doppler-Shift-Attenuation-Method (DSAM) or the Recoil-Distance-Doppler-Shift (RDDS) technique.

At Legnaro our research group has obtained first results with the AGATA-Demonstrator, the feasability study and primary stage of the 4pi-gamma-spektrometer AGATA (http://www-w2k.gsi.de/agata/) the latter integrale part of the FAIR experiment HISPEC. The state-of-the-art HPGe crystals of the AGATA type are 36fold segmented and offer a high detection efficiency for energetic gamma rays combined with a position resolution of approx. 3 millimeters (after pulse-shape analysis) and tracking possibilites. These unique features we use to delevelop an entirely new DSA algorithm for continuous angles which significantly improves the existing DSA analysis.

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