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You are interested in doing a miniforschung, bachelor, master or doctoral thesis? In the working group of Joachim Enders you will work on recent research topics. In Open Positions you can find a small selection of potential topics for your research work. Furthermore, you can play part in recent research and find your individual topic by asking one of the involved researches. Join us in a fascinating world of science!

Ongoing research and respective researches:

Generation of polarized Electrons at SPIN & Photo-CATCH

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Nuclear Photonics:


Experiments at GSI/FAIR:


  • Strahldynamik-Simulationen für Photo-CATCH

    Beam dynamic simulations for Photo-CATCH

    Bachelor Thesis

    Project: Photo-CATCH

    Description: The Photo-CATCH test source will be extended by a second electron gun featuring a cryogenic design. The beamline has to be adapted accordingly. The focus of this work lies on conducting beam dynamics simulations for the adaption and optimization of the current beamline in regard of the planned design.

    Techniques: Simulation witch ASTRA, Beamdynamics

    Contact: Maximilian Herbert, Tobias Eggert

    Author: Victor Winter

    Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Joachim Enders, Maximilian Herbert, M.Sc.

    Tags: Photo-CATCH

  • Laser Compton Rückstreu-Quelle am S-DALINAC

    PhD thesis

    A high-power laser system is to be integrated in interaction with the superconducting Darmstadt electron linear accelerator S-DALINAC operated at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the TU Darmstadt as a source of quasi-monochromatic X-ray radiation based on so-called laser Compton backscattering.

    The aim is to advance the development of LCB sources in the context of linear accelerators with energy recovery and also to establish a possibility for non-destructive beam diagnostics at S-DALINAC for accelerator development and nuclear physics experiments.

    Author: Maximilian Meier M.Sc.

    Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Joachim Enders, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Norbert Pietralla

    Tags: , Laserentwicklung, S-DALINAC, Beam Dynamics (AccelencE), Beam Target Interaction (AccelencE)

  • Untersuchung von Kathodenpräparationsverfahren für die polarisierte Quelle

    Investigations of Cathode preparation methods for spin polarized source

    Master Thesis

    Project: Photo-Catch, SPIN

    Description: Zum Betrieb der Quelle polarisierter Elektronen müssen die GaAs-Kathoden gereinigt und mit einer dünnen CsO-Schicht versehen werden. Man kann hierzu verschiedene Strategien anwenden. Ziel der Arbeit ist eine systematische Untersuchung des aktuellen Reinigungs- und Aktivierungsverfahrens und die Analyse der Auswirkungen auf Quanteneffizienz, Lebensdauer und eventuell Polarisationsgrad der Kathode.

    Techniques: LabVIEW, Datenauswertung, Vakuumtechnik, Lasersysteme

    Contact: Maximilian Herbert, Yuliya Fritzsche

    Author: Vincent Wende

    Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Joachim Enders, Maximilian Herbert, M.Sc.

    Tags: SPIN, Photo-CATCH


Successfully accomplished theses are listed in Previous Research. For more information you can contact Prof. Joachim Enders.