Prof. Achim Richter

Publications on Nuclear Astrophysics and Miscellaneous

Properties of the first excited state of 9Be derived from (γ,n) and(e,e′) reactions
V. D. Efros, P. von Neumann-Cosel, A. Richter
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Pair decay width of the Hoyle state and carbon production in stars
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Comment on `138La-138Ce-136Ce nuclear cosmochronometer of the supernova neutrino process'
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Neutrino nucleosynthesis of the exotic, odd-odd nuclei 138La and 180Ta
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Measurement of the Reaction 2H(e,e′) at 180° Close to the Deuteron Breakup Threshold
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The Role of the 96 keV Level in the 19O(β-)19F Process at Stellar Temperatures
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Photo induced depopulation of the 180Tam isomer via low lying intermediate states: Structure and astrophysical implications
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Depopulation of 180Tam by Coulomb excitation and possible astrophysical consequences
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Empirical limits to antigravity
T. E. O. Ericson, A. Richter
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Search for cold nuclear fusion in palladium-deuteride
G. Schrieder, H. Wipf, A. Richter
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Radiative Transitions in 27Al and Their Relevance to the 26Al(p,gamma)27Si Reaction under Stellar Conditions
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On the scaling of the paramagnetic susceptibility of atoms, nuclei and nucleons
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Application of relativistic electrons for the quantitative analysis of trace elements
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Cross section for the reaction 12C(e,p)11B and its relevance to the formation of 11B in active galaxies
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Analysis of x-ray spectra excited by x rays, electrons, and protons in monazite
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