Members of the group Aumann

Members of the group “Experimental nuclear physics with exotic ion beams”

Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail
Group Leader
Experimental nuclear physicsS2|14 414-23530
Senior Scientists

project coordinator for R3B
Experimental nuclear physicsS2|14 417-23531
R3B, data aquisition and slow controlS2|14 418-23532
Bastian Löher
R3B-tracking, Experimental nuclear physics with exotic ion beams, Polarizability of exotic nucleiS2|14 418-23532
SAMURAI, nn and 4n correlationS2|14 413-23538
NEPTUNS2|14 418-23532
R3BS 2|14 412-23537
junki tanaka
R3B DAQS2|14 418-23532
Doctoral Researchers
S2|14 412-23537
Simulations, Electromagnetic matrix elements in neutron rich, light nucleiS2|14 413-23538
The neutron-rich Sn isotopesS2|14 419-23533
Spectroscopy of light neutron-rich nucleiS2|14 408-23535
Coulomb breakup of two- and four-neutron halo nucleiS2|14 413-23538
S2|14 419-23533
Si-tracker for R3B, Lifetime of 26OS2|14 408-23535
S. Storck 2015
Si Tracking Detectors/R3B, Proton Knockout Reactions in SbS2|14 413-23538
NEPTUN, 2 photon-decayS2|14 419-23533
Patrick_van_Beek created by jt1000
NeuLANDS2|14 408-23535
R3B, elastic and inelastic scattering of virtual photonsS2|14 419-23533
Graduate Students
2 photon-decayS2|14 420-23534
uploaded by 'hs11simo (Heiko Scheit)
2 photon-decayS2|14 406-20193
Two neutron detection and nn correlationS2|14 420-23534
Marco Knösel
Fiber detectores for R3BS2|14 420-23534
NEPTUN, Setup for total photoabsorptionS2|14 420-23534
Neptun: Characterization of CeBr-detectorS2|14 406-20193
NEPTUN: Focalplane detector
S2|14 420-23534
CWandschura by jt1000
uploaded by 'hs11simo (Heiko Scheit)
High energy gamma source
Detector developments for R3B, Unbound states beyound the neutron dripline
uploaded by 'hs11simo (Heiko Scheit)
NEPTUN PMT studies
Reactions with light neutron-rich nuclei
time resolution of MPPC's for NEPTUN
uploaded by 'hs11simo (Heiko Scheit)
Neutron detection/Nuclear Symmetry Energy, ASY-EOS experiment
uploaded by 'hs11simo (Heiko Scheit)
Nuclear astrophysics - Coulomb breakup of neutron-rich C isotopes
Quasifree scattering at R3B setup
The NeuLAND Prototype array
Detector developments for R3B, Dipole strength in n-rich nuclei
Bild Jacob
Coulomb breakup of light nuclei
Developement of software for simulations and analysis for FAIR and R3B
uploaded by 'hs11simo (Heiko Scheit)
NAVI, Nuclear astrophysics
NeuLAND developments, Electromagnetic excitation of Sn isotopes
Quasifree scattering reactions with radioaktive Ni isotopes
Quasifree scattering in inverse kinematics - the 12C benchmark experiment, Detector developments for R3B
Experimental nuclear structure physics with exotic ion beams
R3B Si detectors
R3B tracking with Si-PMTs
Dipole response of medium-heavy neutron-rich nuclei
uploaded by 'hs11simo (Heiko Scheit)
Dipole response of stable Sn isotopesS2|14 419-23533
Simulation for NeuLAND
2p Halo
Alpha scattering on neutron-rich Sn isotopes, Tracking detector
Dominic Rossi
Detector development for R3B, The two-proton Halo nucleus 17Ne
NEPTUN Digital Timing
test area for R3B NeuLAND
Detector developments for the EXL experiment

Collaboration with the working group nuclear reaction at GSI

Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail
Group Leader
Experimental nuclear physicsS2|14 414-23530
Senior Scientists
GSI SB3.3. 173+49 6159 71-2668
GSI SB3.3. 197+49 6159 71-2662
GSI SB3.3. 194+49 6159 71-1559
GSI SB3.3 199+49 6159 71 2739

deputy manager of AG Kernreaktionen
GSI SB3.3. 172+49 6159 71-2887