HiWi Positions

HiWi Positions

Are you interested in accelerator physics and want to support research done at the S-DALINAC at the Institute for Nuclear Physics? Then we might have the possibility for you to learn a lot by working on a special place.

To ensure a reliable 24/7 operation of the accelerator and the experiments at most days of the year we need your help as a “studentische Hilfskraft” (HiWi). The main task is to supervise our liquid helium refrigerator and beam times at the S-DALINAC.

Our requirements:

  • The interest to learn a lot and work on a technical facility
  • Reliable behavior and the will to improve your knowledge over time
  • Technical understanding and fun on hands-on work
  • Student of TU Darmstadt in a technical course of studies
  • You should be at least in your last two semesters of the bachelor studies or already enrolled in the master studies
  • You have not worked as a HiWi at TU Darmstadt for more than two years
  • You will stay at TU Darmstadt to complete your studies (bachelor or master) for at least two more years
  • German skills at a level of a native speaker
  • Participation on our training courses on a regular basis (typically monthly)
  • Willing to work 12-hour-shifts (mostly overnight)

If you want to know more about this position, please contact us. We do need new HiWis several times of a year.