Topics for Theses

Topics for Theses and Miniforschungen

The development of the S-DALINAC is primarily based on the overwhelming enthusiasm of students and junior researchers who decide to work on accelerator science or experimental nuclear research at the S-DALINAC. Most of the students working on the development of the accelerator use their projects for their academic graduation theses.

During your thesis work you have the possibility to work on and with the accelerator to gain knowledge by hands-on experience or simulations. We frequently have opportunities to work on scientific projects and provide a list where you can find topics for a bachelor, master or Ph.D. thesis or for a so-called “Miniforschung”. Doing a Miniforschung offers you the possibility to do some research by yourself under supervision of an experienced member of the accelerator group and allows you to get to know the institute and a working group of your choice. It might help you to find the perfect group for your bachelor or master thesis.

If you can not find a topic that suits you, please contact us! In a personal interview, we can combine our current work with your wishes and any prior knowledge in order to provide you an individual topic.


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Norbert Pietralla 06151/16-23540
(Academic Director)

Dr. Michaela Arnold 06151/16-21740
(Head of S-DALINAC Operations)

Dr. Volker Werner 06151/16-23542
(Head of Spectroscopy)

Dr. Jonny Birkhan 06151/16-21740
(Head of Radiation Protection)

Dr. Oliver Möller 06151/16-23541
(Project Coordinator of DAGATA)