Research Group Norbert Pietralla
Nuclear Structure Physics and S-DALINAC

Welcome to the Research Group of Prof. Norbert Pietralla

We conduct fundamental research on the areas of nuclear structure physics, quantum physics and accelerator physics. Atomic nuclei are fascinating quantum systems built up from protons and neutrons. Their properties are determined by the complex nuclear forces between the protons and neutrons and they are still not fully understood up to now.

In order to study the nuclear properties we excite them in nuclear reactions at particle-accelerator facilities and we detect their response with spectroscopic methods. At our Institut für Kernphysik at the TU Darmstadt we run the superconducting Darmstadt electron linear accelerator (S-DALINAC) and use it for our experiments.

Abbildung 1: Hauptbeschleuniger und Rezirkulationen des S-DALINAC


A detailed description of the superconducting Darmstadt electron linear accelerator can be found here.

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On a regular basis we perform complementary experiments at external facilities, e.g.

Furthermore we are strongly engaged in the NUSTAR collaboration within the FAIR project in Darmstadt. In particular, we are involved in the experiments

  • AGATA.

We constantly offer various research projects for PhD studies, for thesis work (Bachelor of Science, Master of Science) or for initial research work (Miniforschung, study projects). Please contact us!