Group Thomas Aumann
Experimental Nuclear Physics with Exotic Ion Beams

Ongoing Projects and Experiments

  • Short-range Correlations in neutron-rich nuclei
  • Measurement of the dipole-polarizability of neutron-rich nuclei (R3B at GSI)
  • Determination of the neutron-skin thickness of neutron-rich nuclei from the measurement of neutron-removal cross sections (R3B at GSI)
  • Constraining the density dependence of the symmetry energy from nuclear observables
  • Electromagnetic excitation of neutron-rich Sn-isotopes (R3B at GSI)
  • Determination of the dipole-strength function for Z=50 and N=82 nuclei using quasi-mono-energetic photons (NEPTUN at IKP)
  • Excitation of low-lying dipole modes in 132Sn in α-scattering in inverse kinematics (RIKEN, Japan)
  • Measurement of (γ,xn) cross sections with real photons (NewSubaru, Japan)
  • Quasi-free scattering with exotic ion beams (R3B bei GSI)
  • Short-range nucleon-nucleon correlations (JINR Dubna)
  • Resonances in the continuum of neutron-rich calcium isotopes (SAMURAI)
  • (p,pα) Reaktionen an Sn Isotopen (RCNP, Osaka)
  • Search for the tetra-neutron (SAMURAI am RIKEN, Tokyo)
  • Search for 28O (SAMURAI)
  • Unbound fluorine isotopes (SAMURAI)
  • Determination of the nn-scattering length
  • Neutron-neutron correlations in 6He (SAMURAI)
  • Coulomb-breakup of 8He (SAMURAI)
  • Giant dipole resonance in 6He (R3B)
  • Two-Proton Halo nucleus 17Ne (R3B)
  • Two-photon nuclear transitions (double γ-decay)

Nuclear Astrophysics

  • Development of detectors and readout electronics (IKP und R3B)
  • Development of a high-resolution spectrometer for R3B
  • Development of data-acquisition systems for R3B and NuSTAR
  • Development of simulation- and analysis-software