Research Group Tetyana Galatyuk
Investigating Quark Matter with Virtual Photons

Projects and Theses

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Ongoing Projects

  • Florian Seck: Dilepton production in heavy-ion collisions from SIS18 to RHIC beam energies
  • Deniz Nitt: Dilepton production and anisotropy in elementary and heavy-ion collisions
  • Wilhelm Krüger: LGAD-based in-beam detector for high rate hadron and heavy-ion beams
  • Vadym Kedych: Low Gain Avalanche Detectors for timing applications
  • Maximilian Wiest: Electromagnetic signals of phase transitions and critical end points in heavy-ion collisions
  • Niklas Schild: Characterizing hot and dense fireball using Dileptons
  • Rayane Abou Yassine: Dileptons from pp collisions at 4.5 GeV
  • Malavika Panikkassery Salvan, Associate Member: Light nuclei production in ALICE
  • Iuliana-Carina Udrea: Reconstruction of low-mass and low-p thermal dileptons with HADES
  • Yevhen Kozymka: Characteristics of LGAD-based Timing Detectors
  • Henrik Floersheimer: Electron Identification employing artifical intelligence
  • Nicolas Schwarz: Dilepton polarization in heavy-ion collisions at FAIR energies
  • Jessica Vogel: Investigation of thermal and freeze-out contributions of vector mesons to the dilepton spectrum
  • Luca Schramm: Isospin Dependence of particle flow in Zn+Zn collisions
  • Leonard Stahl: Isospin Dependence of electron positron production at 4.5 GeV beam energy