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Introduction to Nuclear Photonics

The scientific coordinator working in the target chamber of the TRIDENT Laser at Los Alamos Natl. Lab.
The deputy scientific coordinator working in the target chamber of the TRIDENT Laser at Los Alamos Natl. Lab. Picture: private

On January 1, 2019, the Hessian Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts has established the International Center for Nuclear Photonics at TU Darmstadt in the framework of the LOEWE initiative as a new research cluster. Nuclear Photonics is a new field of research that combines the investigation and application of high-power laser-based particle sources with techniques in nuclear physics, in particular photonuclear reactions. Establishing an International Center for Nuclear Photonics is aimed at providing a “home base” for Hessian, German, and International Groups for projects using new major research infrastructure, in particular in the context of the European Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) that is currently being realized as a distributed center for research in Nuclear Photonics.

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LOEWE-Schwerpunkt Nukleare Photonik / Von Lasern und Protonenbeschleunigung

  • 2021/08/18

    Ein Meilenstein der Fusionsforschung

    Laserfusions-Experte Markus Roth über jüngsten Durchbruch und Perspektiven

    Am Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in Kalifornien ist in diesen Tagen ein Durchbruch in der Fusionsforschung geglückt. Erstmals konnte fast genau so viel Energie erzeugt werden, wie Laserenergie aufgewendet wurde – mehr als 1.300 Kilojoule. Professor Markus Roth, Physiker und Experte für Laserfusions-Forschung an der TU Darmstadt, hat am Bau des bei dem Experiment verwendeten Lasers mitgearbeitet und erläutert Hintergründe und Bedeutung des Forschungserfolgs für die Forschung und die weltweite Energiewirtschaft.

  • 2021/08/17

    Energiewende mit Fusionsenergie: CleanTech-Startup Focused Energy revolutioniert mit modernster Lasertechnologie Energieproduktion

  • 2021/07/21

    ProLOEWE Science Rally – starts on 2. August

    Participate and gain exclusive insights into LOEWE basic research

    The quiz video is now available online!

  • 2020/12/11

    New Scientific Coordinator was elected.

    Congratulations to Prof. Norbert Pietralla as new scientific coordinator.

    He will take over the position from Prof. Joachim Enders in January.

    In this context, we also would like to thank Prof. Joachim Enders for his committed year as scientific coordinator of the LOEWE research cluster nuclear photonics.

  • 2020/12/11

    Recap of the year 2020

    The year 2020 has been special – for all of us, and in many different ways. COVID-19 and the measures taken to ensure public health and safety have affected our ways of living, our ways of working, our ways of collaborating. Collabora-tive research needed new formats of exchange, discussion, tools, and a lot of patience. It would be untrue if we claimed the pandemic did not af-fect the projects in our HMWK-funded LOEWE Research Cluster Nuclear Photonics.

  • LTR: M. Gradenwitz, Prof. M. Roth, Prof. J. Enders