Advanced Study Course

Section C

The Institute for Nuclear Physics offers experiments in Section C of the Advanced Study Courses in the Physics department of TU Darmstadt.

The application has to be made via the application portal. is the responsible person at the Instute for Nuclear Physics.

Since the summer term 2012 the experiment 1.2 “Hochfrequenzresonatoren” is offered. It provides a further insight into to research conducted at the S-DALINAC.

Please respect the rules (opens in new tab) (PDF file, in German only) of the courses.

List of available experiments

No. Experiment Instruction Tutors Room Contact
1.1 Measurement of magnetic fields 1.1 (opens in new tab) Manuel Dutine
Dominic Schneider
S2|14 101
S2|14 116

1.2 High-frequency resonators 1.2 (opens in new tab) Jörn Kleemann
Simone Velardita
S2|14 211
S2|14 319

1.3 Stern-Gerlach experiment 1.3 (opens in new tab) Laura Renth
Liancheng Ji
S2|14 506
S2|14 307

2.2a Interaction of gamma radiation with matter 2.2a (opens in new tab) Vincent Wende
Dr. Valerian Alcindor
S2|14 114
S2|14 413

2.2b Environmental radioactivity 2.2b (opens in new tab) Dr. J. Birkhan
Dr. Michaela Hilcker
Igor Jurosevic
S2|14 216
S2|14 119
S2|14 120

2.3 Alpha spectroscopy with a semiconductor detector 2.3 (opens in new tab) Eleonora Kudaibergenova
Dr. Yelei Sun
S2|14 408
S2|14 413

2.4 Mössbauer effect with Fe-57 2.4 (opens in new tab) Vadym Kedich
Dr. Han Bum Rhee
S2|14 502
S2|14 502

2.6 Cosmic radiation 2.6 (opens in new tab) Dr. Andrea Horvat
Nikolina Lalic
S2|14 419
S2|14 419

2.7 Parity violation in beta decay 2.7 (opens in new tab) Radostina Zidarova
Dr. Matthias Rudigier
S2|14 212
S2|14 502

2.8a Measurement of the lifetime of positrons in matter 2.8a (opens in new tab) Martin von Tresckow
Martin Metternich
S2|14 502
GSI C12 2.008

2.8b Positron emission tomography (PET) 2.8b (opens in new tab) Dr. Meytal Duer S2|14 407
2.10 Gamma-gamma coincidence and angular correlation 2.10 (opens in new tab) Isabelle Brandherm
Madalina Ravar
S2|14 120
S2|14 307

2.13 Collinear Laser Spectroscopy 2.13 (opens in new tab) Philipp Bollinger
Dr. Hongna Liu
S2|14 501
S2|14 413