SFB 1245
Atomic Nuclei: From Fundamental Interactions to Structure and Stars

Theses 2016 – 2019

Name Title of Thesis Type of Thesis Year Project(s)
M. Leonhardt Phase structure and equation of state of dense strong-interaction matter Doctoral 2019 B05
Sebastian Heil Electromagnetic Properties of 21O and the Self-Calibration of Compton Tracking Arrays Doctoral 2019 A03
C. Schmickler Universality in systems of up to four particles – From nuclei to ultracold atoms Doctoral 2019 A02, A05
Hannah Yasin Core-collapse supernovae and the equation of state Doctoral 2019 B06
J. Braun Effective field theories and electromagnetic properties of light nuclei Doctoral 2019 A02
Katharina Ide Untersuchung der Quadrupolkollektivität der Scherenmode von 152Sm Bachelor 2019 B03
Lars Zurek Exploring density-matrix expansions for local chiral interactions Master 2019 A04
Matthias Göbel Structure of 6He and nn interaction Master 2019 A05
Martin Pospiech From hot to cold, from dense to dilute Doctoral 2019 B05
Marcel Schmidt Effective field theories for low-energy reactions Doctoral 2019 A05
Manuel Simon Ionentransmission durch nanometerdicke Kohlenstoffmembranen Bachelor 2019 A01
Sergej Bassauer Systematics of the electric dipole response in stable tin isotopes Doctoral 2019 B04
Svenja K. Greif Constraining the nuclear equation of state from nuclear physics and neutron star observations Doctoral 2019 B01
Tim Lellinger Ion production by pulsed laser ablation in a helium atmosphere Master 2019 A03
Adrian Brauch Sensors at the superfluid He-target at S-DALINAC Bachelor 2018 A01
Carlos Mattes Long-time Simulation of Core-Collapse Supernovae Doctoral 2018 B06
Christina Stumpf Nuclear Spectra and Strength Distributions from Importance-Truncated Configuration-Interaction Methods Doctoral 2018 A02, A04
Daniel Kabuß Digitale Stabilisierung des Lasersystems und der Ionenquelle des ALIVE Experiments Bachelor 2018 A01
Daniel Kreuter Design of a monoenergetic electron source for spectrometer calibration and detector tests at the QCLAM-spectrometer Bachelor 2018 A01, A07
Eric Planz Aufbau einer Laserstabilisierung mittels dopplerfreier, frequenzmodulierter Sättigungsspektroskopie Bachelor 2018 A03
Fabian Lenz Untersuchung ultradünner Kohlenstoff folien mit α-Strahlung und langsamen Borionen Bachelor 2018 A01
Jan Lucas Hoppe Probing novel nuclear forces with the in-medium similarity renormalization group Master 2018 A04
Jörn Kleemann Decay Characteristics of the Scissors Mode of the 0νββ-Decay Mother ¹⁵⁰Nd Master 2018 B03
Jan Krause Isotope Shift of 10,11B in the 2P1/2 – 3S1/2 Transition determined by Resonance Ionization Mass Spectroscopy Master 2018 A01
Jakob Kaltwasser Multikonfiguration-Störungstheorie für Observablen Bachelor 2018 A04
Kristian König Laser-Based High-Voltage Metrology with ppm Accuracy Doctoral 2018 A01
Martin Ebert Topological Effect for Two- and Three-Particle Problems in a Box Master 2018 A02
Malte Cordts Modelling of Neutron Stars Bachelor 2018 B06
Marco Knöll High-Order Multi-Configurational Perturbation Theory Bachelor 2018 A04
Melanie Dupper Similarity Renormalization Group Transformation chiraler Wechselwirkungen Bachelor 2018 A02
Phillip Imgram Accurate isotope shift measurement in the 6s 2S1/2 → 6p 2P1/2, 3/2 lines of Ba+ Master 2018 A01, A03
Roland Wirth Ab-Initio Approach to Hypernuclei Doctoral 2018 A02
Sebastian Dietz Resonances in Few-Body Systems Master 2018 A02
Sabrina Schäfer Equation of state effects in core-collapse supernovae Master 2018 B01
Samuel Graf Uncertainty Estimation for Chiral order-by-order Calculations Bachelor 2018 A02
Sonja Storck Lifetime Measurement of the 26O ground state at SAMURAI Master 2018 A06
Stefan Schulz Four-Nucleon Forces in Ab Initio Nuclear Structure Doctoral 2018 A02
Thomas Tilger Multikonfiguration-Störungstheorie zur Berechnung von Erwartungswerten Bachelor 2018 A04
A. Franz Binding Energies of Interacting Fermions in a 1D Volume Master 2017 A05
Alexander Tichai Many-Body Perturbation Theory for Ab Initio Nuclear Structure Doctoral 2017 A04
Andre Sieverding Neutrinos in Core-Collapse Supernova Nucleosynthesis Doctoral 2017 B06
Andreas Geißel Bayessche Extrapolation für das No-Core Schalenmodell Bachelor 2017 A02
Daniel Derr Di- und Tetraneutron within the HORSE Formalism Bachelor 2017 A02
Eskendr Gebrerufael In-Medium No-Core Shell Model for Ab Initio Nuclear Structure Calculations Doctoral 2017 A02, A04
Hans Spielvogel The Berggren Basis for the No-Core Shell Model Master 2017 A02
Heiko Möller Evolution of Degenerate Oxygen-Neon Cores Doctoral 2017 B06
Helena Spies Importance Truncated No-Core Shell Model for Fermionic Many-Body Systems Doctoral 2017 A02
Isabelle Brandherm Entwicklung eines neuen Triggerdetektors für das LINTOTT-Spektrometer Bachelor 2017 A01, B02, B03
Julia Bliss Nucleosynthesis of lighter heavy elements in neutrino-driven winds Doctoral 2017 B06
Janina Willmann Characterization of a Fluorescence Detection Region for Collinear Laser Spectroscopy Bachelor 2017 A01, A03
Julius Müller Natural Orbitals in No-Core Shell Model Calculations Bachelor 2017 A02
Lars Zurek Density-matrix expansion for local three-nucleon interactions Bachelor 2017 A04
Laura Mertes Precision Calculation of Electromagnetic Observables for Light Nuclei Master 2017 A02
Mark Studlek Erprobung eines neuen Triggerdetektorsystems für das QCLAM-Spektrometer Bachelor 2017 A01, A03, A07, B02
Marvin Acker Simulation der Vieldraht-Driftkammern des QCLAM-Spektrometers mit GARFIELD Bachelor 2017 A01, A03, A07, B02
Maximilian Spall Untersuchung der Nachweiseigenschaften von Bor-dotierten Flüssigszintillationsdetektoren Bachelor 2017 B04
Simon Dentinger In-Medium Similarity Renormalization Group: Behandlung der Dreiteilchen-Beiträge Master 2017 A04
Timon Dörnfeld Zwei-Nukleon-Problem in einer Box Bachelor 2017 A02
Antonio D'Alessio Effizienzmessung von Vieldraht-Driftkammern für unterschiedliche Gasmischungen am QCLAM-Spektrometer Master 2016 B02
Andreas Ebert Wavelet and fluctuation analysis of 120Sn and 90Zr(p,p’) data and design of a new scattering chamber for the 169° spectrometer at the S-DALINAC Master 2016 B02, B03
Gerhart Steinhilber Simulation der Elektronenoptik der QCLAM-Spektrometers mit CST Studio und Analyse inelastischer Protonenstreudaten an Zr-92,94 unter extremen Vorwärtswinkeln Master 2016 B02, B04
Jan Lucas Hoppe Weinberg eigenvalue analysis based on chiral interactions Bachelor 2016 A04
Jörn Kleemann Zerfallsverhalten der Scherenmode in der 0νββ-Tochter ¹⁵⁰Sm Bachelor 2016 B03
Matthias Göbel Extraction of the Universal Function for Efimov Trimers Bachelor 2016 A05
Michaela Hilcker Konzeption eines Flüssig-Heliumtargets für Elektronenstreuexperimente und Aufbau und Test einer neuen Auslese- und Steuerelektronik für das Lintott-Spektrometer Master 2016 A01
Michael Mathy In-Flight Lifetime Measurement via Decay Position Reconstruction Master 2016 A03
Marcel Schmidt The X(3872) as a D-Dbar-pi Resonance Master 2016 A05
M. Schönborn Relativistische Boost-Korrekturen der führenden Wechselwirkungen in chiraler effektiver Feldtheorie Bachelor 2016 B05
M. Zweidinger Kernstrukturuntersuchungen in mittelschweren Atomkernen mit der Methode der Kernresonanzfluoreszenz Doctoral 2016 B03
Oliver Papst Zerfallsverhalten von J = 1-Zuständen von ⁹²Zr und ⁹⁴Zr Bachelor 2016 B03
Richard Trippel Collective Excitations with Chiral NN+3N Interactions from Coupled-Cluster and In-Medium SRG Doctoral 2016 A04
Sebastian Dietz Resonanzen in endlichem Volumen Bachelor 2016 B01
Svenja K. Greif Constraining the radius of neutron stars through the moment of inertia Master 2016 B05
S. Schäfer Investigation of thermal effects on the equation of state and radii of neutron stars Bachelor 2016 B01
S. Undt Uncertainty Quantification in Effective Field Theories using Bayesian Statistics Bachelor 2016 A02
Stefan Alexa R-Matrix Theory for the Resonating Group Method Master 2016 A02
Thomas Hüther Alternative Generators for the Similarity Renormalization Group Master 2016 A02
Tobias Wolfgruber Strength Distributions from the No-Core Shell Model Bachelor 2016 A02
Wael Elkamhawy Effective Field Theory for the X(3872) with Explicit Pions Master 2016 A05