SFB 1245
Atomic Nuclei: From Fundamental Interactions to Structure and Stars

Theses 2020 – 2023

Name Title of Thesis Type of Thesis Year Project(s)
Paul Christians Development of a Bayesian Analysis for the No-Core Shell Model Bachelor 2020 A02
Jonas Winter DFT-Optimized Bases in the No-Core Shell Model Bachelor 2020 A02
Lisa Wagner Translationally Invariant Radii via Density Matrices Bachelor 2020 A02
Cedric Wenz Applications of Machine Learning in NCSM Calculations Bachelor 2020 A02
Daniel Kromm Bayesian Analysis of Light Nuclei within the No-Core Shell Model Bachelor 2020 A02
Katharina Schröder Global Optimization of Chiral Interactions Bachelor 2021 A02, A04
Michelle Müller Bayesian Order-by-Order Uncertainty Quantification for Observables Bachelor 2021 A02
Maximilian Dick Super-Soft Chiral Interactions from Many-Body Optimization Bachelor 2021 A20, A04
Marc Leon Agel Using neural networks to extrapolate the results of ab initio No-Core Shell Model computations Bachelor 2021 A02
Niklas Zimmermann Extrapolating Radii from Ab Initio No-Core Shell Model Calculations using Artificial Neural Networks Bachelor 2022 A02
Daniel Rodriguez Predicting Converged Observables from NCSM Calculations with Neural Networks Bachelor 2022 A02
Carl Walde Applying the In-Medium No-Core Shell Model to the Calcium Chain Master 2022 A04
Maximilian Jacobi Neutron star mergers: mass ejection and the role of the nuclear equation of state Doctoral 2023 B07
Moritz Reichert Nucleosynthesis and observational evidences of magneto-rotational driven supernovae Doctoral 2020 B06
Philipp Ries The complete low-lying photon response of the even-even chromium isotopes Doctoral 2020 B02
Tobias Klaus Electric dipole polarizability and spin-M1 strength from 90Zr(p,p´) data at forward scattering angles Doctoral 2020 B02, B04
Marcel Berger Nuclear structure studies below particle threshold with the nuclear resonance fluorescence method Doctoral 2020 B02
Tobias Beck Novel decay properties of positive-parity low-spin states of deformed gadolinium and dysprosium nuclei Doctoral 2021 B02
Rodric Seutin Electromagnetic properties of light nuclei with chiral effective field theory currents Doctoral 2020 B01
Sabrina Huth Equation of state of hot and dense matter in astrophysics and in the laboratory Doctoral 2023 B01
Sonja Storck-Dutine Measurement of the neutron-decay lifetime of the 26O ground state at SAMURAI Doctoral 2023 A06
Christopher Lehr Low-energy dipole response of the halo nucleus 8He Doctoral 2021 A05
Tobias Mongelli The in-mediumno-core shell model as comprehensive ab initio tool Doctoral 2022 A04
Jan Hoppe The in-medium similarity renormalization group for ab initio nuclear structure: method advances and new applications Doctoral 2022 A04
Michael Mathy Electromagnetic properties of light neutron-rich nuclei – Lifetime measurements of 16C and 23Ne Doctoral 2020 A03
Tim Ratajczyk Isotope shift measurements in TI+ transitions using laser-ablated and thermalized ions Doctoral 2021 A03
Thomas Pohl Multi-mechanisms in proton-induced nucleon removal from 14O at 94 MeV/nucleon Doctoral 2022 A03
Axel Frotscher The (p,3p) two-proton removal from neutron-rich nuclei and the development of the STRASSE tracker Doctoral 2021 A03
Fabian Hildenbrand Structure of three-body hypernuclei Doctoral 2020 A02, A05
Julius Müller Development of a Gamow no-core shell model framework for nuclear resonance Doctoral 2023 A02
Thomas Hüther Families of chiral two- plus three-nucleon interactions for accurate nuclear structure studies Doctoral 2021 A02
Stefan Alexa Continuum systems in the no-core shell model Doctoral 2020 A02
Gerhart Steinhilber The electron-gamma coincidence setup at the S-DALINAC Doctoral 2022 A01, B02
Michaela Hilcker A superfluid liquid helium target for electron scattering experiments at the S-DALINAC Doctoral 2020 A01
Antonio D'Alessio B(E2) strength of the 2+1 state of 12C off (e,e´) data & New design of the multi-wire drift chamber detector at the QCLAM spectrometer Doctoral 2020 A01, B02
Justin Schäfer Neutrino interactions in neutron star merger remnants Bachelor 2023 B06
Sebastian Dietz Continuum structure of few-body systems Doctoral 2022 A02
Martin Ebert Range corrections in pionless three-particle systems Doctoral 2022 A02
Gerrit Leck Convergence and Statistical Description of Neodymium and Uranium Atomic
Data for Kilonova Spectral Modelling
Master 2022 B06
Carsten Becker Kilonova light curve modelling Bachelor 2022 B01
Mario Luis Jakobs Deducing Nuclear Matter
Parameters from Gravitational
Waves of Neutron Star Mergers
Master 2022 B01
Konstantin Mohr First laser spectroscopy of Mg+ at CRYRING@ESR and He-like Boron at HITRAP Doctoral 2022 A01
Juliane Helbich Black-hole formation in mergers of spinning neutron stars Master 2022 B07
Finia Penelope Jost Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations with Aenus-Alcar: Heating Factor and Progenitors Master 2022 B06
Phillip Imgram High-precision laser spectroscopy of helium-like carbon 12C4+ Doctoral 2022 A01
Rico Holz Bestimmung der nuklearen Leveldichte von 58Ni mittels Fluktuationsanalyse Bachelor 2022 B04
Mirko Strauß Extraktion von Niveaudichten aus Kernspektren mittels Fluktuationsanalyse Bachelor 2022 B04
Imke Lopp Implementierung von Silizium-Photomultipliern zum Nachweis von Einzelphotonen Bachelor 2022 A01, A03
Julien Spahn Untergrundbereinigte kollineare Sättigungsspektroskopie an 12C4+ Bachelor 2022 A01
Emily Burbach Optimierung einer Elektronenstrahl-Ionenquelle für kollineare Laserspektroskopie an C4+-Ionen Bachelor 2022 A01
Wael Elkamhawy Electroweak Properties of Halo Nuclei in Effective Field Theory Doctoral 2021 A05
René Kalla Charakterisierung der Nachweiselemente der kollinearen Laserspektroskopie Bachelor 2021 A01, A03
Felix Sommer Nuclear Charge Radii across the N=Z=28 Shell Closure in Nickel Isotopes Doctoral 2021 A03
Lisa Raymann Charakterisierung von Spiegelsystemen für den optischen Nachweis Bachelor 2021 A01, A03
Stylianos Nikas Nucleosynthesis on the aftermath of neutron
star mergers: The creation of the first r-process
Doctoral 2020 B01, B06
Dag Fahlig Strömberg Weak Interactions in Degenerate Oxygen-Neon
Doctoral 2020 B01
Julian Palmes Doppler-free frequency modulated absorption spectroscopy of Iodine lines at 705 nm Bachelor 2020 A03
Karen Stefhani Maria Antachoque Espino Implementation of a velocity filter at KOALA for ion-source specification Bachelor 2020 A01
Andreas Geißel Towards the Equation of State for Neutron Stars Master 2021 B05
Patrick van Beek Towards Dipole Strength Measurements Using Total Photoabsorption: NEPTUN Upgrade and Commissioning Doctoral 2021 B04
Timon Dörnfeld Symmetry Breaking in Dense QCD Matter Master 2021 B05
Benedikt Schallmo Equation of State of QCD at Intermediate Densities Master 2020 B05
Bernhard Maaß Laser Spectroscopy of the Boron Isotopic Chain Doctoral 2020 A01
Isabelle Brandherm Magnetic dipole strength in 58Ni from inelastic proton scattering at extreme forward angles Master 2020 B02, B04
Laura Renth Collinear Laser Spectroscopy on Laser-Ablated Calcium Ions and Deployment of a Negative Ion Source for a Boron Atom Beam Produced by Photodetachment Master 2020 A01, A03
M. K. Pieper Funktionaler Renormierungsgruppenzugang für Untersuchungen von Kernmaterie Bachelor 2020 B05
Maxim Singer Entwicklung und Inbetriebnahme eines neuen Datenaufnahmesystems am QCLAM-Spektrometer Doctoral 2020 B02
Maximilian Spall Investigation of excited states in 16O(p,p’) under extreme forward angles Master 2020 B04
Sebastian Töpfel Scaling behavior in dense matter Master 2020 B05