SFB 1245
Atomic Nuclei: From Fundamental Interactions to Structure and Stars

CRC Seminar

The CRC seminar gives the doctoral researchers the opportunity to present their own results. Every doctoral researcher will give a mid-term talk (after 18 months) on the status of their project work where they are urged to include an overview and comparison on similar or competing projects worldwide. Within 6 months before their thesis defence, the advanced doctoral researchers will give their end-term seminar on the scientific advance achieved by the doctoral project.

The seminar will take place on Thursdays at 10:00 in S211 seminar room 207. The talks should last 30-40 min and we plan 20 min discussion among doctoral researchers.


  Name Working area(s) Contact
Martin Baumann M.Sc.
+49 6151 16-23533
S1|19 4
  Name Working area(s) Contact
Lars Zurek
+49 6151 16-21552
S2|11 202
  Name Working area(s) Contact
Tobias Mongelli
+49 6151 16-21553
S2|11 203
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Martin Pospiech
+49 6151 16-21529
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SS 2024

Day Speaker Title Project
23.05.2024 Matthias Heinz Search for new bosons with ytterbium isotope shifts A04
27.06.2024 Martin Baumann Dipole polarizabilities from nuclear photoabsorption measurements B04
04.07.2024 Live-Palm Kubushishi Including core excitation in reaction models involving halo nuclei A05

WS 2023/24

Day Speaker Title Project
26.10.2023 Gerard Navó Core-collapse supernovae:
reduced nuclear networks and equations of state
30.11.2023 Giacomo Ricigliano Nucleosynthesis and Kilonova from BNS mergers: models for EOS constraints and rapid analysis B07
08.02.2024 Patrick Müller Laser-spectroscopic determination of the nuclear charge radius of 13C A01
Day Speaker Title Project
13.04.2023 Sabrina Huth Equation of state of hot and dense matter in astrophysics and in the laboratory B01
20.04.2023 Maximilian Jacobi Effect of nuclear matter properties in neutron-star mergers B07
01.06.2023 Moritz Kriegel Students´ perception of physicist work MGK
15.06.2023 Lars Zurek Improving Skyrme energy density functionals with chiral effective field theory A04
22.06.2023 Madalina Enciu Extended p3/2 neutron orbital and the N=32 shell closure in 52Ca
29.06.2023 Matthias Göbel Reactions with two-neutron halo nuclei in halo effective field theory A05
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Day Speaker Title Project
10.11.2022 Julius Müller First results from the Gamow-NCSM A02
17.11.2022 Sebastian Blacker Quark matter in neutron star mergers B07
01.12.2022 Matthias Heinz Progress on IMSRG with 3-body operators A04
08.12.2022 Sebastian Dietz Continuum structure of few-body systems A02
15.12.2022 Jonas Keller tba B01, B05
12.01.2023 Marco Knösel Development and Testing of the Neutron Detector HIME A05
Day Speaker Title Project
09.06.2022 Jan Hoppe The in-medium similarity renormalization group for ab initio nuclear structure: method advances and new applications A04
23.06.2022 Francesca Bonaiti Electric dipole polarizability in neutron-rich 8He B04
07.07.2022 Madalina Enciu The N = 32 shell closure in 52Ca with an extended p3/2 orbital from one-neutron knockout A08
14.07.2022 Tobias Mongelli The In-Medium No-Core Shell Model as Comprehensive Ab-Initio Tool A04
21.07.2022 Maximilian Spall Electron Scattering off 10B under 180° B02
28.07.2022 Isabelle Brandherm The electric dipole strength in 58Ni B02
Day Speaker Title Project
16.12.2021 Gerard Navó Core-collapse supernovae, equation of state and neutrinos B06
03.02.2022 Laura Renth Silicon Photo Multipliers for Collinear Laser Spectroscopy A01/A03
Day Speaker Title Project
06.05.2021 Marco Knösel Measurement of the Neutron-Neutron Scattering Length with Charge Exchange and Knockout Reactions A05
27.05.2021 Maximilian Jacobi Long-time simulations of neutron star merger remnants B07
17.06.2021 Thomas Pohl Parallel momentum distribution of residues after nucleon removal A03
08.07.2021 Jonas Keller Neutron matter at finite temperature B01, B05
15.07.2021 Axel Frotscher The (p,3p) two-proton removal from neutron-rich nuclei and the development of the STRASSE tracker tba
Day Speaker Title Project
19.11.2020 Sebastian Dietz Three-body resonances in pionless effective field theory A01
17.12.2020 Live-Palm Kubushishi Nuclear shell effects in nuclear pasta tba
21.01.2021 Felix Sommer Nuclear Charge Radii of Nickel Isotopes across the N=Z=28 Doubly Magic Shell Closure A03
28.01.2021 Lars Zurek Comparing different density-matrix expansions for long-range pion exchange tba
04.02.2021 Matthias Göbel tba tba
Day Speaker Title Project
23.04 Patrick van Beek Major Upgrade and Commissioning of the Photon Tagger NEPTUN B04
30.04 Axel Frotscher The (p,3p) reaction mechanism in neutron rich nuclei A03/A08
07.05 Stylianos Nikas The creation of the first r-process peak in the aftermath of NSMs B06
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28.05 Jan Hoppe Probing chiral interactions to N3LO in medium-mass nuclei A04
04.06 Tobias Mongelli Carbon Isotopes in the In-Medium NCSM A04
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18.06 Sabrina Schäfer New equations of state constrained by nuclear physics, observations & high-density QCD calculations B01
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Day Speaker Title Project
19.12 Rodric Seutin Electromagnetic currents from chiral effective field theory: results for three-body systems A04, B01
30.01 Wael Elkamhawy Universality and predictive power in halo nuclei A05
06.02 Sonja Storck Lifetime Measurement of the 260 g.s. at SAMURAI Analysis Update A06
Day Speaker Title Project
25.04 Martin Pospiech Phases of Strong-Interaction Matter B05
02.05 Marc Leonhardt Constraints on the EOS at Intermediate Densities from the FRG B05
09.05 Michaela Hilcker Electron Scattering off Liquid Helium at S-DALINAC A01
16.05 Svenja Greif Constraining the Equation of State through Neutron Star Observables B01
23.05 Klaus Vobig Fully Open-Shell Nuclei and Electromagnetic Observables from the In-Medium NCSM A04
06.06 Thomas Hüther Next Generation of Chiral Interactions A02
13.06 Gerhart Steinhilber The Electromagnetic Decay of the GDR in Heavy Nuclei A07
27.06 Stefan Alexa Continuum Extension of the NCSM: HORSE and ACCC A02
11.07 Maxim Singer QCLAM Spectrometer: Data Acquisition & Analysis B02
Day Speaker Title Project
22.11 Philipp Ries Valence shell dependence of the Pygmy-Dipole Resonance B03
06.12 Marcel Schmidt Reactions in halo effective field theory A05
24.01 Christopher Lehr Low-energy dipole response of the halo nuclei 6,8 He A05
07.02 Dag Fahlin Strömberg Forbidden electron capture in degenerate ONe cores B01
Day Speaker Title Project
03.05. Lukas Huth Chiral effective field theory for local nuclear forces and for valence-space interactions A04
24.05. Carlos Mattes Challenges in long-time Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations B06
07.06. Andre Sieverding Neutrinos in Supernova Nucleosynthesis B06
21.06. Hannah Yasin Core-Collapse Supernovae and Equation of State B06
28.06. Felix Sommer Nuclear charge radii and moments through collinear laser spectroscopy at Argonne National Laboratory A03
Day Speaker Title Project
02.11. Tobias Klaus Progress Towards (e,e'gamma) Experiments at the S-DALINAC A07
30.11. Michael Mathy Studying EM properties of Carbon Isotopes – Focusing on the Lifetime Measurement of Higher-Lying States in C-16 A03
21.12. Svenja Greif Constraining the Equation of State through Neutron Star Observables B01
25.01. Martin Pospiech Exploring the QCD phase diagram at finite temperature and density B05
08.02. Wael Elkamhawy Description of Ne-31 in Halo EFT A05
Day Speaker Title Project
27.04. Cesar Lizarazo Collectivity and Shell evolution for 50≤N≤60, 28≤Z≤40: New spectroscopy measurements
04.05. Christian Gorges Collinear laser spectroscopy on short-lived Sn isotopes
18.05. Udo Gayer Constraining nuclear matrix elements for neutrinoless double-beta decay between 82Se and 82Kr B03
01.06. Julian Kahlbow Experiments with radioactive ion beams at the SAMURAI setup using the neutron detector NeuLAND A06
22.06. Lukas Huth Shell-Model Interactions From Chiral Effective Field Theory A04
20.07. Marc Leonhardt Symmetry breaking and four-quark interactions in QCD B05
27.07. Marcel Schmidt Halo Effective Field Theory for Nuclear Reactions A05
Day Speaker Title Project
27.10. Christoph Kremer Shape coexistence and quantum phase transition in Zirconium A01
10.11. Julia Bliss Nucleosynthesis in neutrino-driven winds B06
24.11. Richard Trippel Collective Excitations from Coupled-Cluster and In-Medium SRG A04
01.12. Diego Semmler The Low Energy Photon Tagger NEPTUN: Toward a Detailed Study of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance with Real Photons B04
08.12. Markus Zweidinger Nuclear Structure Studies on Medium-Heavy Mass Nuclei using the Method of Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence B03
15.12. Jonas Braun Electric Properties of One-Neutron Halo Nuclei in Halo EFT A02
12.01. Carlos Mattes Long-time simulation of core-collapse supernovae B06
19.01. Maxim Singer QCLAM-Spectrometer B02
26.01. Andre Sieverding Neutrino nucleosynthesis B06
02.02. Bernhard Maaß Resonance ionization spectroscopy of neutral boron as a first step towards the charge radius measurement of 8B A01
09.02. Christian Drischler Applications of chiral nuclear forces up to N3LO to nuclear matter and neutron stars B05
16.02. Sergej Bassauer Systematics of the Electric Dipole Response in stable tin isotopes B04