SFB 1245
Atomic Nuclei: From Fundamental Interactions to Structure and Stars

Project A04: Strong interactions and structure of medium-mass nuclei

In project A04, we will continue to advance ab initio calculations to medium-mass and heavier open-shell nuclei by developing and applying the in-medium similarity renormalization group and new multi-reference formulations. We will systematically explore the connection of nuclei and nuclear matter, with the goal to develop accurate interactions for medium-mass and heavy nuclei. In addition, we will study and benchmark density-matrix expansions and perform ab initio studies of collective excitations. This project supports the key experiments for structure and electroweak observables of medium-mass nuclei in this CRC. A long-term goal is to advance the ab initio frontier to heavy nuclei.

Principal Investigators

  Name Working area(s) Contact
Prof. Dr. Robert Roth
A02, A04, Ö
+49 6151 16-21540
S2|11 204
Prof. Ph.D. Achim Schwenk
A04, B01, Z
+49 6151 16-21550
S2|11 205