SFB 1245
Atomic Nuclei: From Fundamental Interactions to Structure and Stars

Project Area A – Strong interactions and precision nuclear structure

In project area A, we will address the central questions:

How does the nuclear chart emerge from chiral EFT?

Will our understanding of nuclear forces pass the test of novel precision measurements?

The projects are structured along the nuclear chart with strong connections and synergies of the projects A01-A08 within this project area. To answer these questions, we will investigate key facets of nuclei across the nuclear landscape, advancing laser spectroscopy, gamma spectroscopy, and neutron detection beyond the current limits. This includes unique experimental precision tests in light nuclei, systematic ab initio calculations based on EFT interactions, experiments that shed light on the electromagnetic structure of medium-mass nuclei, novel many-body developments to understand how the properties of medium-mass to heavy nuclei emerge from nuclear forces, explorations of halo nuclei and their reactions in Halo EFT, discoveries of resonant states and understanding shell evolution towards the neutron drip line, as well as new explorations of collective excitations in medium-heavy nuclei.